Mid-Cheshire Movie Makers began life as 'The Mid-Cheshire Videographic Society' and was formed in January 1992 as a result of a two-day course on video making at Hartford College. Home video editing was in it's infancy back then, and many on the course wished to know how to edit their tapes, which was not covered on the course. One of these enthusiasts, Ron Fowler, was instrumental in bringing together some of the course attendees to form the then society to share their knowledge and experience.

That initial membership of thirteen met once a month in Northwich library. From there, membership grew to more than twenty. Funds were low and did not stretch to paying professional speakers, so the Society operated as a self-help group. Groups were formed within the Society to spread know-how among the members.  Each group contained a range of skills and experience and produced videos from set subject matter. The composition of the groups changed each year and thus the development and spread of know-how was achieved.

Limited finance and the high cost of meeting in Northwich Library prompted a move to the Church Hall in Whitley. Money was saved but at the cost of reduced membership. The facilities at Whitley were limited and the location was inconvenient for many members, so In April 1998 the venue changed for a second time, to Winnington Park Recreation Club. The name of the society was also changed to 'Mid-Cheshire Video Camera Society'.

During the life of the Club some fund raising videos were made, not always successfully, in addition to the normal video making activities. Videos were submitted, unsuccessfully, to "You've Been Framed", a schools video promoting sports was made, the Society took part in the "Winsford Now" community exhibition and one of the members produced a video of the Cheshire Wildlife Trust "Only One Earth" event in 1998. In 2002 the society made a commemorative video of the Jubilee Celebrations at Winnington Park Recreation Club, which was well received by its audience. It was at this time the society changed its name to Mid-Cheshire Camcorder Club.

Twenty plus years after the club was created we are still going strong. There was another name change to Mid-Cheshire Movie Makers which reflects our greater interest in making films rather than mere videos. We moved into the digital age; editing on computers, recording on cameras with 'memory chips', we have presence on the internet. But these are only tools...

The reason why we are in a club and what we enjoy about it, is and always will be, making films for people to watch.


Ron Fowler

Our founder and longest serving member, Ron Fowler, passed away in 2007. We lost a respected member of our club and a good friend. His criticisms of others efforts were always thoughtful, incisive and positive. He was always ready to help and offer advice. His own videos were, in turn, humorous, poignant, beautifully shot and skilfully edited - always a pleasure to watch. He was the most frequent winner of the Niklaus Trophy (one minute video). In memory of Ron, an award, the Fowler Trophy, is presented each year for the most outstanding film of the year, as voted by our members.

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