Jan - March 2016


On the film production side of things we helped our youngest member, Becky, to record a short story for her course work. Good luck with the results. Also, Cuddington pantomime group needed our assistance with green screen filming to enable a character apear inside a TV set in their version of Willy's Chocolate factory. Our latest venture lead us to film the 'Northwich X Factor' stage show, a local community version of the famed TV show. With 9 cameras and 3 hours worth of recordings from each camera, at this moment in time it is STILL being edited. As a rule, it normally takes 10 minutes to edit 1 minute of recording. So from that, expect it to be completed early April.

October - December 2015

A lot has been happening over the last few months since we last entered anything in the Club News. In October we  saw the films made during the Mersey boat trip. Gillian created a very interesting documentary from it. Hopefully she will enter it into our yearly competition. We saw some beautiful award winning films from the IAC library and Ian made members think differently about where to position lights for best effect. We had an exceptional meal at 'The Moorings' in Anderton for our Christmas social. I doubt anyone left there without a bloated belly.

September 2015

An excellent time was had by all this month. Traveling down the Manchester ship canal by boat during our summer social, with cameras at the ready, our member recorded the journey from Liverpool to Manchester aboard the Mersey ferry. A historic 35 miles of industrial heritage. Although the ferry crew took a dislike to the size of some of our members cameras we never-the-less enjoyed the experience. I just hope all films have now been edited ready for showing on 10th October.

June 2015

The Club film is racing along thanks to our producer/director Geoff Dodd. We now have several uniforms and costumes to try out. Several other non members are showing interest as being extras. Ian Mayor has been taking with Nick Manning, a German insignia historian, to make sure we get the uniform insignia just right. We have also contacted WWII reenactment groups for help with background extras and a local brass band for a scene by a bandstand. On another note, Devid Andrews gave an interest talk about the creation of the IAC's promotional film and MCMM members had to film and edit a 1 minute 15 second news report to be aired at a set time. Thanks go to Paul walker for organising the news report night.

April 2015

A fresh start to this years agenda saw us achieve second place at a trivention, based at Stoke, against Sutton coldfield club. The first reading of our next film also took place and I must say the actors did an excellent job along with their friends. Stephanie and Estelle manufactured two very convincing Nazi flags for the aforementioned film. It was finally decided that a name change to reflect our current club objectives was in order. So, 'Mid-Cheshire Camcorder Club' is now officially 'Mid-Cheshire Movie Makers'. I shall be designing the new logo very shortly.
Three New MembersA warm welcome to our recent members; Paul, Becky and Phil. We hope they will get as much enjoyment from making films as we do. Paul has already provided us ideas for our next programme and Becky has given  a preview of her talent in making movies, during a members screening night. Phil has already shared his script writing skills by providing the story for our current club film.

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