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 January 2018

Outstanding performances from two of our members last night, Geoff and Phil, in Sandiway Pantomime Group's production of Sleeping Beauty .
  Our Loveley Chairlady, Liz Lowry said "It was brilliant and so funny! Loved every minute. Great script Phil! Geoff, what a performance and what a voice! xx" Phil Hosker replied with "Thanks, glad you enjoyed it. It was good to have you in the audience."

 January 2018

Several of our members filmed the annual dance show staged by a local dance school (  The resulting DVDs were well received by the dancers and their parents.

February 2018

"Denial" has been finished and entered into the Raindance Film Festival (  Knocked out in the first round.

March 2018

March saw our committee re-elected at the AGM.

Gillian won the "Film of the Year" trophy and Liz won the "Progress Trophy"

April 2018

Our own awards for Denial, The Hoskers, were presented in April this year. (

Shooting for our next film, "Seconds Out", originally planned for June this year, was shot on one hot Sunday afternoon in July.

In February we had our first technical "Ask the Experts" evening.

July 2018

"The Line" - Cast, props and locations are almost finalised, although a mansion in the deep south of the USA is proving problematic.

"The Fear of Silence" - This is in the planning stage.  The script has been refined: locations are being considered.

"Seconds Out" is finished and shooting of "The Fear of Silence" starts later this month. 

August 2018

Planning for "The fear of silence" is proceeding apace and rehearsals are planned.

September 2018

Steve Allcock talked about, and demonstrated, drones and their capabilities.  Steve uses a range of drones to support his his business which provides aerial footage for film production companies.

November 2018

Seconds Out is finalised apart from one or two minor changes.

December 2018

Rehersals for The Fear of Silence have started.

"Denial"  and "Seconds Out" have been entered into BIAFF 2019 and "Seconds Out" into the  IAC NE Region competition (The Ray Dunbobbin Award).

January 2019

Once again we filmed Quicksteps Dance School annual Show on the 26th of January ( This was a seven camera shoot.

The indoor scenes of "The Fear of Silence" were shot on 27th of January.


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