Meet our club videos

The Fear of Silence

It starts as a walk in the woods, but then.....

The Line

Set in the deep south of the USA, a disgruntled woman hires a hit-man to get rid of her husband - but things don't go quite as she planned!

Future projects

A film supporting a local Down's Sydrome support group is being made to support their major event in 2019.

One of our members want to reshoot an interview made several years ago. Since joining the club, Stephanie has a better understanding of the art of filmmaking. She now wants to use that knowledege to create a better interview of her mother about her past life.

Another project consists of 'creating a film out of selected shots provided by another club'. One of our local (if you can call Chester local) clubs has recorded random shots of Chester and has challenged other clubs to create a film (it does not matter what the criteria).


Film to music. Members are provided with a selection of music. They choose one and create a video that represents the feel of the music.

Regular Local Support

Cransley school annual stage production, Northwich X factor, Sandiway Pantomime group and Quicksteps School of Dance are regularly supported.

Last year we filmed Cransley School's production of A Mid-summer Night's Dream and Quicksteps Dance School's annual dance show.

The members project for 2019 - 2020,

To be decided...

Please note:
  • can be made by individuals or groups
  • be between 2 and 5 minutes long
  • be ready to be shown March

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